Improve billing and HCC code accuracy

Rely on properly coded billing data, reduce inefficient processes, and optimize reimbursement

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Enhance documentation accuracy and specificity for compliance with ICD-10-CM and CPT® billing regulations

Simplify clinician documentation by automating the mapping to correct medical billing codes, including secondary and specific codes like HCCs

Reduce efforts to track details and clean data by employing effective tools for data extraction, enrichment, and standardization

Achieve higher ROI when you have cleaner, usable patient data.

Get a new perspective on patient data with 99.99% of problems organized into intuitive clinical categories on the problem list

Promote problem list cleanliness by removing diagnoses generated as outdated, duplicative, and related. One case study from a large academic center saw a 163% increase in problem list cleanup activities

Ensure that relevant patient data from across the patient record – including unstructured clinical notes – is visible in the chart

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IMO solutions capture precise clinical data at the point of care and standardize it across settings and sources to power more informed decisions.



IMO Core and IMO Discovery for Problems

IMO Precision Normalize

IMO Precision Sets
As we continue to innovate our AI-powered CMX platform, we recognize the critical role that standardized terminologies play in accurately capturing and interpreting patient data. With the integration of IMO's comprehensive code mappings within our platform, CodaMetrix is able to streamline revenue cycle management by automating the most costly coding practices, resulting in improved accuracy and efficiency.

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