Megan Chamberlain

Megan Chamberlain

Content Marketing Manager

Megan Chamberlain joined IMO as a Content Marketing Manager in 2021. With a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Megan has always been drawn to how humans communicate complex ideas and feelings – whether that’s through paintings, sculptures, or blog articles. And while her career is mainly focused on digital marketing, Megan’s hobbies and interests remain relatively analog. She is a proud member of two local book clubs and has yet to meet a hobby or craft she didn’t enjoy.

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Side effects of an unhealthy surgical dictionary

Surgical dictionaries are important tools that link clinical documentation to their corresponding administrative codes, which are necessary for billing and regulatory reporting needs. But these standardized codes are not static, which means effective dictionaries require continuous upkeep. And when a surgical dictionary becomes unhealthy – with outdated or inaccurate codes – there are several side effects that can negatively impact organizations.

Why clinical documentation with granularity matters in a pandemic

Back in May, IMO’s Chief Clinical Officer, Steven Rube, MD, FAMIA, sat down with HIMSS to talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted key areas in clinical documentation where the process of recording patient information is not intuitive – and why having greater specificity in clinical notes is critical to making the most of the patient record.

Social determinants of health 101: Building equity

Capturing social determinants of health (SDOH) enables the use of data to fight healthcare disparities that often result from inequity. Read on for an introduction to what SDOH are and how the data may be used.

Coding for gold: Tokyo 2020 and ICD-10-CM codes

While the pandemic continues, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have provided a welcome spectacle to many worldwide – allowing us to embrace our global community, celebrate new world records, and of course, champion some ICD-10-CM codes.

When all the operating rooms aren’t a stage

When surgical schedulers don’t have the right clinical terminologies built into their EHR workflows, small inefficiencies – like case delays or preference card errors – quickly add up. And they’re not just frustrating in the operating room, they also wreak havoc on optimal financial return.

A resource guide for medical problem list problems

Memes, blogs, and webinars – oh my! There are endless opportunities to support clinicians as they tackle the issues that make their medical problem lists problematic. Continue reading for resources to help make your problem list work for you, not against you.

Clinical terminology enables better patient care

Providing patient care – and understanding the resulting clinical data – is no longer a responsibility isolated to the primary provider. Today, medicine is a team effort involving multiple clinicians, immediate family members, and other healthcare professionals. Given this, many ask how the EHR can adapt to act as a communication medium for the modern patient’s care team.