Baby, it’s code outside: Holiday-themed ICD-10-CM codes

However you celebrate the holiday season, we hope these festive, funny takes on ICD-10-CM codes help get you into the spirit.

At IMO, we’re rounding out the year by finding the comedy in clinical terminology and reminding our readers how to avoid some of the hazards of the holiday season. Be careful out there!

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Contact with scissors, initial encounter – W27.2XXA

We all know the coveted scissor glide is the best part of gift wrapping, but do so with care and avoid going to the ER for this code.

Contact with hot drinks, initial encounter – X10.0XXA

It’s getting colder, which means our drink choices are getting warmer. Mind yourself if you choose to make mulled wine at home.

medical coding terminology
Electrocution, initial encounter – T75.4XXA

Let’s be real, if you are one of the 1,000 people who are electrocuted while decorating their Christmas trees each year and you get a code T75.4XXA in your patient record…maybe stick to pre-lit trees.

Pedestrian on foot injured in collision with other nonmotor vehicle in nontraffic accident, initial encounter – V06.00XA

Although the song ‘Grandma got run over by a reindeer’ predates the creation of ICD-10-CM codes, we think this one would appropriately describe the sleigh ride scuffle.

Unspecified fall due to ice and snow, initial encounter – W00.9XXA

Sure, snow is entertaining to look at and play in – just make sure you’re watching where you walk, or it can quickly become less fun.

Contact with edge of stiff paper, initial encounter – W26.2XXA

If we haven’t fully illustrated the perils of gift wrapping, here’s another reminder: watch out for your hands and fingers this holiday season. No one wants to be treated for this code.

Activity, cooking and baking – Y93.G3

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is easy to get distracted. When in the kitchen, keep your focus on your cookies, cakes, and other confections to avoid injuries.

Exposure to other specified smoke, fire and flames, initial encounter – X08.8XXA

As some nights of Hanukkah have passed, we hope clinicians haven’t seen too many admissions for this code. The holidays shouldn’t be that kind of lit!

Fall from tree, initial encounter – W14.XXXA

Listen, even if you promised your mother that you would get her some authentic pine to decorate the house with, it’s not worth the risk of climbing the tree. She’ll understand.

Activity, snow (alpine) (downhill) skiing, snowboarding, sledding, tobogganing and snow tubing – Y93.23

Note to self: I am not an Olympian. Promise to self: I will leave the fancy moves to Chloe Kim and Shaun White.

Fall on and from a ladder, initial encounter – W11.XXXA

You’ve done it – all your baubles are on your tree and there’s only one piece left: the star on top. Use caution for a smooth and safe finish.

Exhaustion due to excessive exertion, sequela – T73.3XXS

At the end of the holidays, it is totally normal to feel exhausted. Take a breather and don’t overexert yourself. Being admitted with this code isn’t a great way to end the season.

Happy holidays from all of us here at IMO! If you find you need a break from seasonal festivities, brush up on the recent ICD-10-CM updates. We’ve got an in-depth webinar with coding experts to get you up to speed. 

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