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If you think IMO is just a terminology company, have we got news for you.


Sure, we've been healthcare's terminology leader for almost 30 years, but we're so much more than words. IMO is...

Patients with similar problems being grouped together
Doctor on computer speech being processed into columns

NLP to unlock value from unstructured data

IMO Precision Normalize with NLP

Choose your own (webinar) adventure

IMO recently hosted webinars to demonstrate how our new solutions can help your organization simplify value set management, extract meaning with NLP, and make relevant data more visible. 

IMO Precision Sets

The better way to create, organize,
and maintain value sets

IMO Precision Normalize with NLP

Simplify the process to extract, standardize, and codify clinical free text

IMO is problem solving for other parts of healthcare the same way we did in the early days of EHRs, by leveraging our foundation in terminology to normalize data to assist where innovation and healthcare intersect.

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