IMO Discovery for Problems

Introducing IMO Discovery for Problems

Helping clinicians by identifying what’s missing on the patient problem list

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Get a better grasp on your EHR patient data

The EHR contains an abundance of information. But even when problem list management tools are employed, getting the full patient picture can be inconvenient. IMO Discovery for Problems delivers new insights and makes relevant patient data more accessible by identifying what’s missing from the problem list.

Uncover what’s hiding in your EHR with IMO Discovery for Problems

Gain more insights by surfacing important details missing from the problem list

Improve oversight and reimbursement opportunities by identifying HCCs from previous encounters

Easily find other long-term problems addressed during previous encounters for more informed care

Ensure that relevant patient data from across the patient record – including unstructured clinical notes – is visible in the chart

Latest Ideas​

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Master your medical problem list and streamline clinical workflows with expert insights.

Ready to make your problem list an even stronger decision-making tool?