Unstructured EHR data: From scattered to streamlined

Meet our normalization solution - now with NLP - that extracts, standardizes, and enriches structured and free text clinical data and maps it to standard codes.
unstructured data

In healthcare, where a large amount of clinical data remains locked in unstructured formats like free text in clinical notes, the need for precise, efficient data extraction and translation is more pressing than ever.  

IMO Precision Normalize, with natural language processing (NLP), is our new solution designed to harness the power of unstructured clinical narratives; transforming them into clinically validated, standardized terminology. This tool will allow your organization to overcome the hurdles of scattered, non-standardized data, putting you on the path to better data quality. 

In our on-demand webinar, Unlocking value from unstructured data: An insight into IMO Precision Normalize with NLP, IMO experts demo this solution and shed light on the challenges of data interpretation. 

For excerpts and clips from the discussion, continue reading below.

Data quality problems in healthcare 

Transferring patient data across various health information systems often introduces inconsistencies. The result? Increased challenges for IT, analytics, and clinical teams trying to make sense of fragmented information. 

Central to these challenges is the complexity of health terminologies and code sets. It’s essential to get it right as mistakes can have a negative ripple effect across the healthcare IT domain.   

IMO’s recent survey reveals the gravity of these issues with 45% of respondents noting that they saw data challenges as a major threat to their organization. Furthermore, when asked about the financial implications of these data issues, 90% acknowledged revenue losses either due to operational inefficiencies or from inaccuracies in data-driven revenue activities. 

Elevating data quality 

IMO Precision Normalize ensures that your data is seamlessly and accurately linked to IMO’s robust terminology, which is comprehensively mapped to all standard industry codes. This alignment also accounts for regulatory and code system updates, all behind the scenes.  

IMO’s Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Andrei Naeymi-Rad, discusses one of the unique synergies born from IMO’s acquisition of Melax Tech. By merging IMO’s superior terminology management with the advanced NLP capabilities of Melax Tech, we have crafted a powerful tool that seamlessly bridges the divide between structured and unstructured data. 

Harnessing the power of clinical data with Melax Tech 

IMO and Melax Tech have collaborated to combine Melax Tech’s NLP expertise with IMO’s clinical terminology database, which includes an extensive array of terms, acronyms, misspellings, and detailed code mappings. This merger offers an unmatched NLP engine capable of identifying post-coordinated expressions and bridging clinical concepts. 

This enhancement expertly extracts in-depth clinical information, identifies relationships, and captures varied contextual metadata.  

Gaining insights from unstructured EHR data

Akash Chakravarty, Group Product Manager at IMO, dives further into the inner workings of IMO Precision Normalize with NLP. From recognizing temporal data to extracting comprehensive clinical concepts, the solution’s ability to glean insights from unstructured text is unparalleled. The solution detects when procedure terms or lab results are negated, captures specifics in medication data such as dosage form, route, and strength, and more. This data is then seamlessly mapped to IMO’s vast terminology repository, and further to standard coding systems, highlighting the strength and depth of IMO’s terminological offerings. 

To explore the capabilities of IMO Precision Normalize and learn how it can transform your organization’s data quality management, listen to the full discussion below. 

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