Embracing Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance at IMO

IMO has been working to create a workplace culture that supports employee diversity, inclusion, and equity. A recent progress check shows our advancement towards this goal.
Embracing Environmental Social and corporate Governance

One of the accomplishments I am most proud of at IMO is our commitment to Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance (ESG). My leadership team and I have worked to make these tenets part of IMO’s culture, and I regularly speak internally and externally about the importance of having a diverse workforce. I am a firm believer that diversity, inclusion, and equity make for a better workplace.

There is a lot of talk about prioritizing ESG but creating this type of culture requires action. As a data-driven business, we regularly track and assess our progress. Recent results showed we are making positive changes. For example, 47% of IMO’s workforce are women, surpassing the industry average of 29% in tech companies.

Women make up 80% of the healthcare workforce but hold less than 20% of leadership roles. Only 19% of hospitals and 4% of healthcare companies are led by women. This is a crisis of leadership for our industry because women bring unique characteristics and skill sets to the job. Women also tend to make the majority of healthcare decisions for their families, giving them personal insight into the industry. Half of my leadership team is comprised of women (CEO, CFO, COO, and CGO), something I was intentional about when building the team. Our management team is 61% women, and of our senior leaders, 42% are women.  As a female leader, I am particularly interested in making sure we mentor and promote women – and other thought leaders in the industry agree.

"In the healthcare industry, diversity and inclusion are paramount for progress. Yet, despite talking the talk, healthcare technology companies on the whole have yet to walk the walk. Pushing boundaries and advancing women's rights shouldn't just be the goal; it should be a necessity. A commitment to these values sets an example for the industry to follow. In addition to being socially responsible, it simply makes financial sense, making it a competitive advantage worth pursuing."

As a growing technology company, we also recognize the importance of having a strong pipeline of diverse talent. Men still earn the vast majority of STEM degrees, and it’s important that women see opportunities in technology that encourage them to join the industry. At IMO, 44% of Mangers/Senior Managers in technology roles are women and 38% of Directors in technology roles are women. In the office of the Chief Technology Officer, over 50% of Managers/Senior Managers and Directors/Senior Directors are women. 

"Although many organizations talk about the need to expand workforce diversity, it's refreshing to see an organization take a data-driven approach to ensure that these goals become reality. When new employees join a company, it's so important that they see people in leadership who are like them so they can better envision their future in the company and how they can contribute to its success. Diverse teams bring a variety of experiences to the table, generating broader solutions for the challenges impacting healthcare today. I'm especially impressed by the intern program's results and hope those individuals can build on their experiences at IMO as they start their careers.

Here are some other examples of how IMO’s diverse workplace reflects our broader goals:

  • Over the past three years, 46% of our new hires were women
  • In 2022, 63% of IMO’s promotions were women
  • 38% of our employees identify as at least one race/ethnicity other than Caucasian
  • Over the last year, 50% of our hires were Caucasian and 50% were people of color (non-Caucasian)
  • Our intern program last year was highly diverse with 71% of the participants being people of color and 50% female. This helps us build a pipeline of the talent we want to add to our workforce.
  • In 2021, we moved to make Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day and Juneteenth paid holidays for our employees to better represent more cultures in our workforce

I truly believe this commitment is a competitive advantage for IMO. We can demonstrate to current and potential employees that IMO is a place where you can bring your authentic self to work and advance your career. A lot of companies talk about it, but we live it.

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