Is EHR clutter obscuring your reimbursement processes?

Bring patient data into focus, enhance it at the point-of-care, and reduce denied claims.  

Fragmented data hurts your financial health

A patient’s data is key for a wide range of applications – from patient outcomes to reimbursement. Yet this valuable information is often concealed by incomplete and redundant data within the native problem list of an organization’s EHR. In fact,at one hospital, nearly half of all problem lists were missing important chronic conditions, translating to $1M in overlooked Medicare Advantage reimbursement. 

Full reimbursement requires the full patient story

Optimized reimbursements begin with complete clinical documentation. Enhanced solutions for the problem list can help clarify cluttered patient data, to improve clinical decision-making and increase reimbursement. With IMO Health’s automatically categorized problem list view, clinicians can quickly identify duplicate data, see a comprehensive patient picture at a glance, and help protect your organization’s bottom line. 

Protect your bottom line with complete clinical documentation.

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