Is EHR clutter obscuring your patient's story?

Bring patient data into focus with medical problem lists organized for providers.

Something is hidden...

A patient’s data should accurately tell their story, but this valuable information is often concealed by incomplete and redundant data within the electronic health record (EHR) — a common frustration for clinicians. In fact, a recent study of 300 providers revealed that  76% experience moderate to extreme frustration when reviewing problem lists. 

So, what if the situation could be improved? 

54% of those same providers would expect better clinical decision-making and better patient outcomes with a more accurate and easy-to-use problem list. 

The full story

Medical problem list enhancements and clinical documentation solutions can help find and illuminate what’s hidden. When automatically structured into a categorized view, providers gain a problem list that offers a more organized and detailed narrative – allowing clinicians to quickly identify duplicate data and see the whole patient picture at a glance.

Take the information that drives patient care from fragmented to focused.

Content for clarity


The problem with the medical problem list


Filling in gaps in the medical problem list

Ready to ease your problem list problems?

Learn how solutions like IMO Core and IMO Core Discovery for Problems can help optimize the problem list to display a coherent and meaningful patient story for providers.

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