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Get to cleaner, usable clinical data more efficiently

Streamline data standardization and configuration to generate reliable information and maximize business impact.

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Extract and standardize inconsistent data into clinically-validated terminology with comprehensive mappings to standard code systems.

Enhance insight generation with robust, AI-powered deep learning and rule development environment to engineer reliable clinical NLP models.

Produce accurate clinical groupings at scale for better patient cohorts, more precise insights, and compliant reporting.

Achieve higher ROI when you have cleaner, usable patient data.

Process and normalize up to 300,000 clinical terms/minute

Refresh clinical data with 5 content updates per year to account for more than 18,200 additions, 13200 deletions, and 6,200 modifications across standard code sets

Source: IMO terminology data engineering team, annual averages from 2018-2022 

Extract and standardize the 80% of clinical data that exists in unstructured formats

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IMO solutions capture precise clinical data at the point of care and standardize it across settings and sources to power more informed decisions.



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As we continue to innovate our AI-powered CMX platform, we recognize the critical role that standardized terminologies play in accurately capturing and interpreting patient data. With the integration of IMO's comprehensive code mappings within our platform, CodaMetrix is able to streamline revenue cycle management by automating the most costly coding practices, resulting in improved accuracy and efficiency.

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