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EHR integration

For almost three decades, IMO has been making the creation of rich, accurate clinical data both fast and easy. That’s because we’re present at the point of care – used in all major electronic health records (EHRs) by over 740,000 physicians every day. But data capture is just the start. We help our clients to normalize and structure information across sites, settings, and health IT solutions. At ViVE 2023, let us show you how.

Solutions grounded in IMO's industry leading clinical terminology can simplify clinical workflows, standardize patient data, and enable insights your organization can trust.

Healthcare providers

If you use an EHR to document at the point of care, odds are you’re already using IMO. But our solutions go far beyond terminology, helping health systems to:

Document with ease and specificity

Make problem lists more meaningful

Streamline surgical scheduling and perioperative processes

Health Tech organizations

Whether you work in health technology, clinical research, or life sciences, you likely rely on patient data from a variety of sources. IMO solutions can play a pivotal role in creating consistent, structured, and complete data. IMO helps organizations across the healthcare ecosystem to:

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