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Explore our blog for answers to frequently asked questions about CPT® codes, including their use, maintenance, and categories.
By combining research, tech, and clinical practice, translational medicine enhances patient care and disease management. Learn more in this handy guide.
Understand how USCDI impacts data quality in healthcare by streamlining data exchange, thereby aiding patients and providers. Learn more in this guide.
Learn the ins and outs of HCPCS codes, including what distinguishes them from CPT codes and how precise clinical documentation can impact
Understanding a patient’s health profile and reasons for seeking care is vital for accurate clinical documentation. This Z codes primer is your
The National Drug Code (NDC) is used by the federal government to identify and track drugs intended for human use. Here’s a
Measuring satisfaction with health plans and health systems is important – and complex. This primer on Star Ratings breaks it all down.
In a world of health IT acronyms, HEDIS is one of the most complex. We’re breaking down the specifics of the program
Need a refresher on why the ICD-10-CM system is an important part of clinical documentation? Our 101 guide breaks it down.
RxNORM® terminology identifies identical drugs listed by different names, an important need for healthcare. Learn more in this primer.
Learn about social determinants of health and why they’re key to fighting health disparities resulting from inequity.
Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) aren’t a new concept, but as more and more organizations shift to value-based care, there has been renewed

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