One Word

What is the one word that will inspire your year?

Leap. Balance. Ignite. These are just a few of the words motivating the IMO team in 2022. Learn more about the origin of this company-wide initiative in our blog, “Continuing the power of One Word.”

Our CEO, Ann Barnes, selected “brilliant” as her one word this year – with the hope it will guide everything she does professionally and personally. Her intention inspired others at IMO to choose and share their words below.

Jennifer Kingery

“My one word for this year is act. It reminds me to favor action even in uncertainty, and to make decisions that continually push us towards our objectives. When I’m not sure what to do  take hold of courage with both hands, and act.”

Charlie Judy

“My word is present. In a world of multiple commitments, competing priorities, and heightened distractions it is becoming increasingly difficult for even the most Zen of us to stay centered on what’s right in front of us. This year I want to practice living in the here and now. In a nutshell: less multi-tasking, and more singular focus.”

Vidya Sagar Pakki

“For my One Word this year, I chose the word grow. I want to create more opportunities for my team to represent themselves in department activities so that they can contribute beyond the team’s regular work and enhance their tech soft skills. I’m hoping to help my team members grow, and to give myself the space to grow with them.”

Betty Amos

“I chose the word commit to drive my year. I want to be deliberate with my actions and obligate myself to my commitment. It was and is important to me to commit to being healthier, more present in my relationships, deliberate in growing my partnerships and making an impact, and overall making sure that I am living a healthy, happy life with life-work balance. 

Nicole Douglas

“I chose pause as a reminder to slow down and think about the bigger picture. This helps me be more strategic at work by focusing on the tasks that matter the most to our strategic goals, and helps me focus on the most important thing in my personal life, my close relationships.”

Brian Gibson

“My word is astute. These past couple of years, I have focused more on becoming a people manager but now I want to sharpen my technical edge through trainings, seminars, exposure to new tech and learning from my fellow employees. This will enable me to maximize my efforts on thinking outside of the box for intelligent, enterprise level solutions for the company.”

Debbie Erickson

Sharing is my personal and professional “one word”  to create a focus on sharing my time, treasures, and talent. Sharing my time and treasures is a personal goal… to find ways to help those less fortunate. Sharing my talent relates to IMO as a Process Improvement Manager in Terminology Solutions (TS). Not only helping to identify opportunities for process improvement, but to “share” my process improvement skills/learnings with TS team members so they can learn.

Lori Kevin

“I chose focus, and it has certainly never been more relevant than right now. It has been and will continue to be a reminder to not only be present but to ensure that I am fully committed to live discussions, and prioritized tasks and initiatives that add the most value at IMO. As fully vaccinated team members start to explore opportunities to collaborate in person (hooray!), I am focused on ensuring our facilities are fully equipped and offer a safe, secure, and healthy place for our valuable team members. 

Explore. Strive. Hired. If any of these one words resonate, it might be time to learn more about IMO and the roles we’re filling. Visit our Careers page and #GrowWithIMO.

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