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Start managing your data quality more efficiently with IMO Precision Normalize, now available in IMO Studio.
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The healthcare industry generates approximately 30% of the world’s data volume, but more isn’t always better. Clinical patient data is often highly variable and inconsistent, much of it in unstructured data formats. And transforming this information into a structured, standardized, usable data asset is both costly and time-consuming.   

IMO Precision Normalize, now with natural language processing (NLP), simplifies the standardization of structured and free text clinical data, ensuring it is comprehensively mapped to standard codes behind the scenes. Today, organizations can easily access and manage their standardized data in IMO Studio, a secure cloud-based SaaS entry point to all IMO solutions. 

Take a closer look at what’s new

Import and export

Securely import and process multiple structured data files or unstructured notes to save your team time and effort.  

Streamline data review and code updates

Access, review, and manage all structured and unstructured data that has been standardized by IMO Precision Normalize, including data sent via API calls. 

  • Sort results by confidence score to focus review on low-confidence matches 
  • Easily adjust or customize mapped terms to increase the percentage of matched data 
  • Quickly apply IMO’s latest terminology releases to keep normalized data current and up-to-date with regulatory code changes 

Visualize impact

Intuitive, self-service dashboards allow users to monitor the impact and value of IMO Precision Normalize. 

IMO helps organizations across the health IT ecosystem to simplify data analytics workflows, extract, structure and standardize patient data, and get more value from clinical patient data. Let us help you.  

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