Roger Gildersleeve, MD

Senior Staff Clinical Terminologist

Dr. Roger Gildersleeve practiced inpatient internal medicine for 15 years. During the early years of Meaningful Use, he was the Chief Medical Informatics Officer at a community hospital. He joined IMO in 2014 to work on various projects and products, including content creation and management, SNOMED® and LOINC® mapping, data normalization, and natural language processing. Dr. Gildersleeve is board certified in internal medicine and clinical informatics.
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The promise of pharmacogenomics in medicine is cause for optimism, but the pace of progress will be slow without the adoption of a common clinical terminology.
In October, the Journal of Healthcare Informatics Research published a study that explored how IMO’s terminology – coupled with natural language processing tools – could improve clinical documentation at the point of care and harvest information from the terabytes of data stored in electronic health records. Below, Roger Gildersleeve, MD, Senior Clinical Terminologist at IMO, explains the research, its findings, and future implications.
In the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic, updates to COVID-19 coding guidelines, terms, and names are important for patient care, but challenging to manage. IMO’s clinical, product, and coding experts break down how COVID-19 terms have been developed and explain how IMO can help providers by taking terminology concerns off of their plates.