IMO launches data normalization solution to drive more accurate insights

IMO’s latest product, IMO Precision Normalize, will help healthcare providers and the companies that support them to gain more accurate insights with a precise normalization engine that improves clinical, quality, and financial decision-making.
IMO Precision Normalize

IMO has launched a new product, IMO Precision Normalize, aimed at managing the enormous amounts of disparate data in healthcare with a precise normalization engine that improves clinical, quality, and financial decision-making.

With the shift to value-based care, providers and the companies that support them are more focused than ever on improving patient outcomes through quality improvement and population health initiatives. As a result, the need for comprehensive, actionable analytics is increasingly important.

IMO Precision Normalize will be used throughout the healthcare ecosystem for clinical insights, improved quality reporting, and to help organizations operate more efficiently. Read the complete press release here.

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