Worth the watch: Advancing women leaders in health IT

With so much national excitement about the first female vice president of the United States, how do we transform enthusiasm into action to promote women leaders in health IT? From STEM education to mentoring and networking, the “COVID effect” on women in the workplace to matters of equity, it’s time to talk openly about these issues to help generate meaningful change across the healthcare industry.
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Issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion have been at the forefront of many conversations lately, but real progress remains elusive. While women make up 80% of the healthcare workforce, they still hold less than 20% of leadership roles. And tech can be an even more challenging environment for women trying to advance their careers.

IMO’s CEO, Ann Barnes, was looking for a way to bring together some forward-thinking women in the industry to have an action-oriented dialogue about what needs to happen to reverse this trend. From this idea, the seeds of a compelling panel discussion were planted.

For In conversation: Advancing women leaders in health IT, Ann was joined by Deanna Towne, CIO of CORHIO in Colorado, Tabitha Lieberman, Sr. VP, Clinical and Revenue Cycle at Providence St. Joseph Health, and Amanda Heidemann, MD, CMIO of CMIO Services, to talk candidly about how to support and promote women leaders in health IT.

COVID-19’s devastating effect on women in the workplace was just one of the many issues the panel discussed. Other topics included the role of men as advocates and how to be an effective mentor to women inside and outside of your organization.

If you are looking for more insight and advice on how to bring about positive change, watch here.

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