IMO Health by the numbers: A deep dive into our expertise and experience

Discover how IMO Health's Clinical Informatics, Mapping, and Content Support Teams lead the way in healthcare innovation and accuracy.
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In healthcare informatics, knowledge is not just a commodity – it’s a necessity. At IMO Health, it’s the foundation of our innovation and accuracy. Our Clinical Informatics, Mapping, and Content Support Teams bring robust expertise and experience, allowing our organization to set the gold standard for precision and reliability in content curation. 

Let’s learn more about them.

Clinical Informatics Team: A wealth of experience

Our Clinical Informatics Team is comprised of 20 seasoned professionals, including MDs, RNs, pharmacists, medical laboratory scientists, and credentialed health information management (HIM) professionals. Together, they bring over 150 years of clinical informatics expertise and a staggering 160 years of clinical practice expertise.  

This wealth of experience spans a wide array of medical disciplines, with over 100 years of MD experience alone, covering specialties such as surgery, oncology, radiology, pediatrics, orthopedics, ER, and family medicine. Additionally, the team boasts 70 combined years of clinical laboratory science expertise, 20 years of clinical pharmacy expertise, and 15 years of clinical nursing expertise. 

IMO Health's Clinical Informatics Team has a combined 150+ years of expertise in clinical informatics.

Mapping Team: Leaders of health information

Our Mapping Team, comprised of HIM professionals, adds another layer of depth to our knowledge repository. With a combined 136 years of experience in health information, this team brings diverse skills to the table. Their expertise includes inpatient and outpatient facility coding; professional coding at multi-specialty practices; reimbursement audits for coding; teaching in HIMS programs; clinical documentation improvement review (CDIS); dental billing; and maintaining various management positions within health information management and revenue cycle.

Hours dedicated to excellence

IMO Health’s commitment to excellence is evident in the sheer amount of effort our teams put in. For example, approximately 2,000 hours are dedicated solely to code-set updates each year, not including maintenance, QA, or other related tasks.

Over the past 30 years, our teams have invested approximately 250,000 hours in creating, curating, and maintaining content, showcasing a dedication to data quality that is second to none.

IMO Health's Mapping Team brings a combined 136 years of experience in health information.

Comprehensive content coverage

Our teams manage 75 code sets, and we regularly manage updates and edits within more than 30 of them. The remainder are key for historical purposes and support downstream processes such as data normalization, value set development, patient cohorts, and more.

Editorial excellence

Within our editorial processes, we boast chapters of clinical and mapping editorial, which are used internally by our teams to maintain accuracy and consistency across our content. In addition, IMO Health’s editorial policies have been integrated into our IMO Clinical AI solution alongside extensively curated ICD-10-CM coding rules drafted by our teams.

Our Content Team helps you keep up! They manage 75 code sets and regularly update and edit 30 of them.

Change management: A dynamic process 

On average, we oversee around 275,000 changes across our platform annually, plus 20,000 mapping changes across ICD, SNOMED®, LOINC®, and CPT® code sets alone. This showcases the dynamic nature of our work and the importance of our expertise in managing these changes effectively.

How it adds up 

The expert teams at IMO Health are at the forefront of healthcare informatics, leveraging their knowledge and experience to ensure the accuracy, relevance, and reliability of our content. Their dedication to excellence and commitment to ongoing learning and adaptation make them invaluable assets in our quest to provide the highest quality healthcare solutions.

To learn more about the solutions that these teams help support, explore IMO Health’s Portfolio. 

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