IMO, Cerner collaborate on app to improve clinical documentation, problem lists

IMO’s new offering – the IMO Core cSmart app – is an exciting collaboration designed to support clinical documentation and other needs of Cerner® EHR users.
IMO Core's cSmart app supports clinical documentation

IMO is pleased to announce the launch of a new offering aimed at improving clinical documentation and problem list management for those using the Cerner electronic health record (EHR). The IMO Core cSmart app – now available in the Cerner code App Gallery – helps providers document with specificity, makes problem lists more meaningful, and helps to improve the capture of hierarchical condition categories (HCCs).  

“We are excited to enhance and expand our capabilities within Cerner Millennium® via the IMO Core cSmart app,” said Julie Diaz, Senior Vice President of Client Services at IMO. “Through this collaboration, Cerner and IMO are creating technology that helps improve functionality and the clinician experience. A true win-win.”  

The IMO Core cSmart app can help:

  • Enable clinicians to easily capture ICD-10-CM specificity and secondary codes for more accurate billing and reporting
  • Prioritize and optimally code unaddressed HCCs to help improve treatment, boost Risk Assessment Factor (RAF) scores, and optimize reimbursement
  • Clinicians get up to speed on a patient’s history with problem lists organized into intuitive clinical categories
  • Make problem lists more relevant by identifying duplicate, outdated, or conflicting problems
To see the IMO Core cSmart app in action, schedule a demo today or click here for a quick overview video.

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