A Q&A with IMO: NextGen and EHR workflows

For NextGen customers wondering how to take full advantage of their investment in IMO Core, we’ve got you covered in our latest Q&A.
EHR workflows

Your organization relies on your NextGen EHR for a range of use cases – like accurate Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) capture, detailed value-based care initiatives, and streamlined billing and reimbursement processes. But did you know how documenting with IMO Core can help support these organizational strategies?

In our latest NextGen webinar, IMO experts discuss why granular clinical terminology is crucial for billing and reimbursement needs, logging a support case, and viewing resolution notes. Here’s a snippet of the Q&A session:

Audience: We are planning a NextGen upgrade in the fall. Do we have to wait until after the upgrade to get IMO Core?

IMO: No. As long as you are currently on NextGen version 5.8.3 or above, IMO Core is compatible in your existing NextGen EHR version. ​

A: Is IMO Core compatible with NextGen’s spring release?

IMO: Yes, and we will continue to apply updates to IMO Core as needed to accommodate NextGen changes in future releases​.

A: Not all our providers manage HCCs. If we turn on HCC tracking, does that mean it’s on for everyone?

IMO: By default, when you enable HCC tracking in IMO Core it will be enabled for every patient encounter and every end-user who utilizes IMO Core. However, we can apply customizations in your IMO Core template so that only a certain set of providers have the HCC tracking feature.

A: I have a provider who uses different specialty templates depending on the appointment scenario. Will the search show the same results for each template?

IMO: No. IMO Core’s search is tailored to each end-user’s search and selection habits.

A: We have clinical support teams that preload chart information for our providers. If the providers are using the IMO Core search and it finds secondary codes, what happens to the duplicate codes?

IMO: If an ICD-10-CM code already exists on the list it cannot be added again, unless it is a different Z code.

A: If a code is inactivated from use in the ICD-10-CM code update, will billing history still let my providers use this inactive code?

IMO: Yes, billing history in IMO Core recognizes outdated codes if there is an IMO lexical ID associated with it.

A: Do I have to document in A&P details in IMO to see it in the future?

IMO: No. The A&P details can be documented in the NextGen template or IMO Core to see these details in future visits.​

A: Can we create required fields for the IMO Core screen?

IMO: Yes.

A: Can I have the IMO Core button open to different defaults in different sections of the same template?

IMO: Yes.

A: Are there any firewall or network changes required to use IMO Core?

IMO: No. If you are an existing IMO client, you already have the appropriate domains allowed in your firewall settings.

Note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity

To watch the full webinar on demand, click here.

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