That’s a wrap! 2021’s most downloaded resources

That’s a wrap! As 2021 draws to a close, we’re rounding up our top content of the year. Check out our 10 most downloaded resources.

In case you missed it, we’re wrapping up IMO’s best of the best content for 2021, including our most popular webinars, blogs, and more. Over the year, we relied on our subject matter experts to help create informative, in-depth content – ranging from eBooks to insight briefs, how-to guides to white papers and much, much more. See what emerging health IT trends, challenges, and topics resonated with readers by taking a look at our 10 most downloaded resources for 2021.

  1. The new normal(ize): A primer on patient data standardization | Executive brief
    Coming in at number one with the most downloads, this executive brief covers why data quality and normalization go hand-in-hand, the multiple downstream effects of data loss, and how investing in foundational terminology can help.
  2. Cracking the codes: A guide to healthcare’s standardized coding systems | Guide
    Don’t know your LOINC from your SNOMED-CT®? Your ICD-10-CM from your CPT®? You’re not alone. This guide will help you brush up on the basics – including why each code set is unique, how each is used, and when they are updated. 
  3. Optimizing the use of telehealth through effective data integration and management | eBook To learn more about the different applications of telehealth services – from acute care management to provider-to-provider consultations – and what health IT can do now to help, download this eBook.
  4. When bad things happen to good problem lists | eBook
    This year, we decided to take a lighthearted look at some of the most common contributors to problem list headaches. In this eBook, we meme-ified challenges such as siloed data, rigid displays, lack of standardization and more.
  5. If EHRs don’t leverage the clinical terminology solutions needed to document with specificity, workflows and reimbursements can suffer. But when clinicians are given the right tools to create and access higher quality patient information, there is often a direct and positive impact on the bottom line. The new IMO Core value calculator can show you how – try the calculator today for your customized report.

  1. The 21st Century Cures Act: A payer’s perspective | White paper
    How to make the 1,000+ pages of the 21st Century Cures Act easily digestible? By having IMO experts distill it into a readable summary and analysis explaining the key information you need to know. Download this white paper to better understand the impact of enacting the legislation and the timeline for rule enforcement.
  2. An unlikely remedy: How technology can alleviate the clinician HIT burden | eBook
    While it may seem counterintuitive to combat the clinician HIT burden with more technology, effectively leveraging the right IT solutions is actually an excellent place to start. Download our eBook where we explore how the use of technology can enhance the EHR so that it works better for clinicians – by alleviating some of the stressors contributing to burnout.
  3. What’s in a variant? The complexity of generating and using accurate COVID-19 data | Insight brief
    With the Omicron variant on everyone’s mind, our latest insight brief explores the science of COVID-19 variants and the complexity of generating and using data about them.
  4. Enhancing data quality initiatives across the health IT ecosystem | Insight brief
    In this executive brief, we explore challenges faced by three types of data aggregators – health information exchanges, clinical data registries, and information delivery networks – and how a normalization solution that includes a clinical terminology layer can help enhance data quality.
  5. Scheduling with surgical precision: Why the right terminology matters | eBook
    For an illustrated look at the many small inefficiencies that can add up to large financial losses when it comes to the perioperative space, check out this eBook.
And you won’t want to miss our last resource of the year, Healthcare data 2022: Predictions for the year ahead. We asked several experts at IMO what they predict is on the horizon for healthcare data in 2022 – check out some snippets from that insight brief here.

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