IMO’s Ivana Naeymi-Rad on improving data quality in healthcare and disproving self-doubt

In a recent interview on the Modern CTO podcast, hosted by Joel Beasley, our COO Ivana Naeymi-Rad explains how IMO improves data quality in healthcare and offers a bold approach to handling imposter syndrome.
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Click below to listen to the full interview or, continue reading for a few excerpts from Ivana’s conversation with Modern CTO.

Modern CTO: What type of products does IMO build?

Ivana: IMO is a healthcare data enablement company – we build solutions that bring data quality and integrity to healthcare.

Imagine you’re a provider sitting with a patient at the point of care, logging in to an electronic health record (EHR) and searching for a problem that that patient may have. That terminology, that vocabulary in the EHR is our content – and we are in over 80% of the country’s health systems.

That content then is mapped to a number of code sets. In healthcare, there are a lot of administrative and standardized code sets that are used for reimbursements with insurance companies and then reporting for things like population health and cohorting. We do all of that mapping for our customers and create solutions that can also clean the data later in the process.

Modern CTO: In your career and building those key relationships, do you often encounter imposter syndrome?

Ivana: Imposter syndrome is that feeling that there’s someone more experienced that can do this better. I hear this a lot in mentoring sessions with women – whether they are IMO mentees or outside our organization.

People feel that they are not experienced enough to take on a manager role or need more time before they’re promoted because they don’t believe they’re ready for it.

And the reality is, your leaders wouldn’t be having these conversations with you if they didn’t think you were ready for it. And that’s where the root of the problem is, that self-doubt.

Modern CTO: As a mentor, what advice would you give women coming up in their careers right now?

Ivana: What you are feeling is real, and you shouldn’t deny that – but the reality is that you are capable of a lot. Give yourself some credit, space, and time to try something new. See what happens!

What is the worst that can happen? That’s where my head goes.

And you know? The worst isn’t that bad.

Would you rather regret it later that you didn’t take something on or make a move that could potentially change your life and career – or sit back and stay comfortable? Go for it.

Modern CTO: To end our chat, can you describe who IMO’s customer is, why they would buy, and how to find out more about IMO?

Ivana: Our customers are the providers – really anyone in healthcare – looking to solve data quality challenges. If that’s something you’re experiencing or want more information about, reach out to me on LinkedIn. We have some informational videos on our site that are great. There are also some great open roles right now that you can explore on our careers page.

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