IMO to release free COVID-19 terminology content and value sets

With the unprecedented global outbreak of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, it’s crucial that we all do our part to help. At IMO, that means ensuring clinicians can easily identify and monitor COVID-19 patients using the most up-to-date terms for EHR documentation. IMO's CEO Ann Barnes describes our new offerings, available free of charge on March 26.

Given the rapid spread of COVID-19, the need to accurately document and diagnose new cases of the novel coronavirus is critical to patients, their communities, and the healthcare professionals who serve them. While we wish IMO’s expertise was not needed, this global pandemic is a unique opportunity to support our provider partners around the world in ways that only IMO can.

On January 30, IMO released 15 new descriptors to help clinicians more accurately record diagnoses related to COVID-19. On March 26, as part of our March problem terminology release, that number will increase to 136 terms. In addition, IMO has created IMO Precision COVID-19 Sets, which includes two new value sets aimed at helping providers with workflow and cohort management connected to the coronavirus. IMO Precision COVID-19 Sets will be made available to all customers, completely free of charge, helping them to:

  • Leverage health information systems to identify and monitor patients who have documented COVID-19 problems and diagnoses
  • Analyze the effectiveness of an institution’s COVID-19 management protocol

As CEO, I am proud of the IMO teams that have collaborated so quickly to meet this unprecedented challenge. Rest assured that we are focused on our employees’ health and safety as they continue do the important work that supports you in your vital missions. We will closely monitor the situation and, as needed, add to COVID-19 resources to help the global health community monitor, manage, and slow the spread of this disease.

IMO will further communicate to the market and our customers on March 26 with more details on the complimentary software release.

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