A “brand” new day for Intelligent Medical Objects

Throughout its more than 20-year history, Intelligent Medical Objects has been driven by a commitment to continuous innovation. Today I am pleased to announce a host of developments, both big and small, that advance IMO’s tradition of (re)invention on behalf of our healthcare industry clients.
Legacy products to current product

First, if you’re reading this blog on IMO’s website, you may notice that our Internet domain name has changed. Goodbye e-imo.com, hello imohealth.com. We invite you to update your bookmarks.

Second, speaking of websites. Today is the official launch of IMO’s new website. If you were familiar with our old site, it’s safe to say that you might think you’ve navigated to the wrong place. This site, with a fully refreshed look, new color scheme, and a streamlined user experience, is designed to help you find everything you need to know about IMO and its solutions in clear language and with as few clicks as possible.

Third, IMO has revamped the naming architecture for its entire product portfolio. We are excited to introduce a reimagined suite of offerings that puts the IMO brand front and center. In simple terms, IMO’s products can be understood to fall within one of two major categories: Terminology products and Insight products. Within those buckets, our updated portfolio establishes:

  • A rational way to understand what we sell. Terminology solutions are all identified by “IMO Core;” Insights solutions are all identified by “IMO Precision”
  • The combination of market-leading legacy products into a single, enhanced offering. Where previously we sold Problem IT, Intelligent Problem List, and (if combined), Problem IT Plus, today we have created a comprehensive solution in IMO Core
  • The launch of an ever-expanding suite of value sets (sometimes known as “groupers” if you’re an Epic shop), IMO Precision Sets, with solutions for oncology, behavioral health, acute and chronic conditions, pre- and post-surgical risk, and hospital regulatory reporting.

To learn more about IMO’s product portfolio, please visit the Solutions section of imohealth.com.

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