Health data and analytic vendors

Accelerate data readiness for robust, reliable clinical insights

Leverage a solution that efficiently fills gaps, improves consistency, and adds specificity to clinical patient data.

EHR integration

IMO Precision solutions leverage our deep expertise with point-of-care documentation to standardize inconsistent clinical data from diverse systems into consistent, structured, clinically validated terminology with the specificity required to identify cohorts and enable meaningful analytics. 


Reliable analytics require accurate and complete patient data

Patient data is foundational for analytics and insights, yet as the healthcare industry expands and grows in complexity, this information becomes more plentiful and more problematic.

In addition, as patient data is extracted from various health information systems and moves throughout the ecosystem, it can become highly variable, full of gaps, and lose key components. This leads to extra staff time spent manually filling in those gaps, adding an unnecessary drain on clinical resources.

How we help

Meaningful insights start with quality data

Rely on IMO’s industry-leading clinical terminology, used in 80% of EHRs

Reduce the manual burden on your team through precise matching, data validation, and simplified cohort creation

Ensure consistency in diagnosis, procedure, medication, and lab data extracted from disparate systems and sources

Process data quickly and efficiently with seamless integration into healthcare IT applications

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